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Wanted! Your foreign currency.


CurrencyHave you returned from holiday with unwanted currency, or got old foreign coins and notes mouldering away in the back of a drawer?

Visa Europe estimates that UK travellers will have amassed unused foreign currency worth more than 900m by the end of this year.

Some 64% of travellers return from abroad with foreign currency and this year the average holidaymaker is coming home with just over 28 in notes and coins.

Just 5% of people change the money back into sterling. The rest stockpile it at home, with only half planning to use it on their next holiday and at least 10% admitting that the cash will, in all likelihood, languish in a drawer or dressing table indefinitely.

Of the 36% of people who don't bring any currency home, the majority say they try to use it all on their last day, or spend it in airport shops, with a third admitting they buy items they don't really need, or want, in a last-minute bid to get rid of the cash.

Worse still, 17% admit they have thrown away the money on returning, rather than be lumbered with loose change. Only 4% donate it to charity, even though it's easy to hand it over to good causes.

So why not put that unused currency to good use by donating it the Lions who will covert it into REAL money for local charities.

There is a collection point in reception at Dension’s Funeral Directors at the Guiseley Town Gate office. Or hand it to one of the Lions committee members who will make sure it is put to good use.

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